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New Digs??


I have been away for a bit but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. This is a pick of me at our old place checking out the dryer. I just love fresh clothes. Come to think of it I like dirty clothes too but we won’t talk about that. I like the way clothes feel under my body especially when they are warm, but I would rather not wear them.  Each time I think of the Christmas reindeer costume Taylor gets out every year it makes me cringe. I do not look cute with antlers on my head!

So a lot has changed since my last post. First the cats are now two years old and have new personalities. It turns out Jade needed a different type of cat litter so we no longer have that sink problem. I turned 11 last week and Mommy made me a waffle. I don’t really understand the concept of turning older I just know every time its my birthday Mommy and Taylor sing to me and make a big deal about me the whole day.
Since Mommy’s graduation she has been able to spend more time with us at home. She still works at the college because the economy doesn’t have many openings for recent college graduates, but she never gives up.
Her new quest now is graduate school. She got accepted and now is considering moving us to Tennessee. I remember passing through Knoxville on our way to Maryland when we took our trip for Mommy’s job interview; she didn’t get the job : (  but I had loads of fun in the hotels, just not in my house – you know the zipper thing with the windows in it. I didn’t want to sit in my new house I wanted to be in the front seat with Mommy. I wonder what they are going to do to me if we end up moving to Tennessee.
I have met a lot of really nice friends on Twitter and look forward to doing more traveling. I just don’t seem to get out enough.
If we move again and Mommy gets this job offer I can’t wait to see the new digs.  

Social Networking

It seems as if people don’t communicate face-to-face the way they used to anymore. Now they do what is called “social networking”. Since my friends have all joined the world of cyberspace I’m jumping in too.

Hello social networking world! It’s me Caity!

I too now have a Twitter and a Facebook to keep in touch with all of you.

It has been so long since my last post you can imagine I must have a lot to say – you will not be disappointed.

Mommy finally graduated from college. Yes can you believe it? Now she has no excuse to be away from me during the daytime. Well unless you want to count that thing she calls work. But we’ll get back to that later.

Remember my new feline siblings, Cleopatra and Jade? They aren’t kittens anymore. They now are full grown almost 2 year old cats. ” I call them little demons” even though there is nothing little about Cleopatra. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen a cat’s butt the size of hers before. Actually this works in my favor because now I’m not the only one who begs for food.

The little demons are sisters but Cleopatra or “Patra” as they now call her is the feline leader. I used to think my late sister Shadeau had an attitude but she had nothing on Patra.

This cat thinks she owns the place! Doesn’t she realize I was here first? Of course she does have a cat brain which means she doesn’t understand some things. When she was little I was kind to her, now that she is bigger she wants to take over my window seat! Actually both of the little demons do.

No one is allowed in my window seats while I am there. The audacity of them to even consider sitting there amazes me. Now when I want to use one of my seats I have to tell Mommy and wait until she removes them. Sure I could share, and sometimes I do, but not all the time.

I still guard the house. We moved into an apartment from the condo so I lost my large patio. I guess it is ok because my new window is right in front of the laundry room. Each time someone passes by I bark at them unless they are extremely boring.

My other feline sister, Jade is a real piece of work. She belongs to Taylor, my other owner and Patra is Mommy’s. I think Jade belongs on the short bus.

Each time someones name is called she answers as if they are calling her. She constantly eats my food and has an odd obsession with opening cabinet doors. Oh and did I mention she pees in the sink? Nasty!!

Now the bathroom doors have to remain closed because she is too mentally challenged to use her own litter box. In fact she uses Patra’s litter box – much to the dismay of Patra.

The funny thing is that Patra always gets her back for it by using hers. At night Patra chases Jade around the house. It keeps me awake but I think it is funny to watch.

I don’t think she fully understands the concept of food. Sure she eats, but not nearly as much as Patra. When Mommy offers her something different from kibble she doesn’t eat it. Except for that time she ate the fortune cookie.

Jade is so attached to Taylor that she fears the shower will cause her eminent danger. Each time Taylor decides to bathe, which is never as often as it should be, Jade frantically claws at the shower curtain and screams. Of course this is insane – I agree. She doesn’t stop screaming until Taylor turns off the water and opens the curtain. You can hear her saying, “I’m ok Jade,” LOL. Truly it is a sight to see.

My brother Symba is still vain as ever. His days are spent staring at himself in a mirror blowing kisses and telling himself how pretty he is. Mommy has been telling him lately how sexy he is so I’m sure it won’t be long before I hear him saying “symba sexy bird” and blowing kisses.

I guess the most exciting thing I need to tell you is about Mommy’s new business adventure. She loves photography – as if you couldn’t tell from all the pictures of me. Sure I’m beautiful, but I get so tired of that flash going off in my face. I have grown weary of siting still while she snaps pictures of me. Thankfully she came up with this idea.

Mommy wants to start her own pet photography business. Yes it is a great idea! She hasn’t come up with a business name yet, but she is excited about starting this new venture.

Her idea is to invite pets and their owners to her studio (when she gets one) to dress up and participate in a photo session for a reasonable fee. Mommy has clothes, props and all the fun stuff for a great photo. Never mind having to go to the mall to meet with Santa or the Easter bunny. Mommy will take care of it all.

I will keep you posted on future developments with this.

Until next time keep barking and give your owner a sloppy wet kiss in honor of Valentine’s day today.



Where Is My Mommy?

Mommy is never home. Neither is the “other one” that is not so smart. Speaking of not being smart, can you believe they leave me here with these two devlish kittens? I mean seriously – why bring them home in the first place? If I had it my way I would take them back to the home they came from. They eat my food, drink my water and play with my toys. No of course I don’t want to share. What Russell does? Would you? I don’t care how cute they are either. Each time they come rushing from their room they always want to greet me by brushing up against me. I dont’ know about them. Maybe they are a little cute.

Back to mommy not being home. She is gone all the time at work and school and it makes me sad. I miss her so much. When she comes home she gives me kisses, plays with me and tells me how much she misses me. If that is the case then why not stay home and play with me all day?

I am left with Symba. He calls himself “pretty bird” but they should teach him to say “messy bird” instead. He throws his food onto the floor each time they feed him instead of eating it in his cage. They should just throw it on the floor in the beginning an let hiem loose. Oh they can’t do that – I forgot – the kittens would have a field day.

On other homefront news, the “other one” has permanently moved into my room with mommy so now sometimes I sleep in her bed because she has candy. I like it when she has candy. She is not smart enough to hide it in a good place so I steal it from her when she falls asleep.  You know what is so strange about her? She sleeps with her mouth open.  Sometimes I sneak up beside her and look inside to see if something will crawl or fall out, but so far nothing has. If anything changes I will let you know. So far she has been really good about keeping the bed free of liquids – I will just leave it at that.

My birthday is coming up on November 6th. I will be a 9 year old toddler. Yes a toddler because I still like to eat carpet and other things that are on the floor. I found a yummy pencil the other day. I wonder what I will find today?

Well thanks for reading my posts. I am sorry it has been a while since I last posted, but Mommy has been busy. Mommy please spend more time with me at home. I really miss you.

Love Caity

Long Time No Posts

Hello my friends. I haven’t posted in a very long while because I have been grieving. Really deeply grieving. In fact my whole family has until just lately, but I will tell you about all that later.
Remember my sister Shadeau was on Prozac and acting all drugy and stuff? Well she was actually ill – really ill. She had some sort of lymphoma ( I think that is a form of cancer) and we lost her within two weeks. We had to put her to sleep in the doctor’s office. Mommy and my other owner came home crying so terribly. No one did anything for days. We all missed her so much. Mommy even put her pictures away for a while because she couldn’t bear to look at them, it hurt too much.
Well we have now come to terms with her death and look forward to seeing her again when we all go to heaven and meet Jesus, but until then Mommy surprised my owner and me with two little kittens (rugrats I call them), but I guess they are kind of cute the way they hop around and all. They get into everything and act worse than newborns or toddlers. I guess in a way they sort of are newborns. They were only 5 weeks when they arrived in our home. They are now about 8 weeks and they eat like crazy. They eat everything – even MY food. I don’t like that and Mommy knows it.
I especially don’t like it when they come into my room to play then fall asleep on my special window seat. It makes me sad and I cry to Mommy to make them leave. She says she will get them their own, but in the meantime I have noticed that she has been keeping them off my things. They are always chasing each other, running through the house and playing. I looked at them, smelled them, and well – I guess they can stay for now. Their names are Jade and Cleo (short for Cleopatra). Jade is the climber and Cleo is the bad one. I say that because she is always getting into things, always bothering her sister, and always eating my food. Silly kitten. Can’t they tell the difference between terrier food and kitten food.
One thing I don’t like is the fact that they get that yummy food that comes in a can. Each time Mommy goes into the kitchen to prepare their meal I think it is for me, but she tells me I am overweight and on a diet. How cruel! Diet Shmiet – I want some canned food too!!
Oh well, I will keep you posted as to whether their behavior improves as the get bigger, and how well or not so well my diet is going. Let’s just say when Dr. Longsie sees me she won’t be a happy camper.
For now – it is on to better days. Rest in peace Shadeau. I really loved you and still do. You will never be forgotten.
Here are the latest pictures of the “rugrats”.



Two New Sisters

It has been some time since my last post. I was grieving. My sister died. She passed away so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. She had some sort of lymphoma. I miss her so much.

For several months it was just me, but then last week mommy brought me home two tiny little sisters. They were 5 weeks old – 6 weeks now. They run and play and get into things. I haven’t figured them out yet, but when I do I will keep you posted.

In the meantime here is a picture of one of them. Her name is Jade. The other one’s name is Cleo. I will get you a picture of her later.

I know my big sister Shadeau is in heaven. Jade and Cleo help me not miss her quite so much.

Thanks for reading.


Hello again,
It has been quite some time since my last post because I have to depend on Mommy to do the typing and she has been quite busy. She leaves me every day to attend what she calls college and sometimes work as well. I don’t really understand what these things mean, but they don’ t seem to make Mommy very happy. She is always in a hurry when she leaves out the front door and never has time to play my game of “escape” where I go outside and pretend it is time for a walk. My other owner always tries to trick me into going into the front door, but as I have already explained in other posts, she is not too smart so I usually win and she ends up having to try to catch me, then chase me into the house. I love that game.
Mommy added more of what she calls fish to the tanks. I don’t know why she keeps buying these things. They really are pretty stupid. All day they swim around or chase each other and some just stare at imaginary things outside the tank. They must be pretty dumb. Now that I think about it, they look pretty dumb too.
My sister, the cat with the attitude problem, finally got into trouble for not using her litter box. She was urinating on everything that belongs to my other owner because she doesn’t like her. I don’t think she likes anybody, so why she singled her out I have no idea – I am just glad it was not my stuff. Could you imagine if she wet Harry or Hermionie? They would be very upset, not to mention the smell. Speaking of Harry and Hermionie, I have been trying to get the point across to my owners that they don’t need arms to be happy. Each time I attempt to remove one of their arms it magically gets reattached by the dumb one. I am surprised she can sew. Anyway maybe one day they will realize that I like them better without their arms.
Back to the cat – so she now has to take something called Prozac. Mommy was laughing because she said that my owner and sister were so alike they even take the same medication. I am not exactly sure what that means, but I feel sorry for sister. Each morning Mommy and the dumb one take sister and shove this gigantic blue pill down her throat. I try to comfort sister afterwards because I know what it feels like to have to swallow something you don’t want. She got them back though, I think she bit Mommy and scratched the dumb one. The strange thing is that now sister just sits in one spot and stares at imaginary things like the fish. Do you think the blue pills turned the cat into a fish? She now acts just like them, especially the one they call “Psycho”. Mommy called Dr. Longsie and told her she didn’t think the medicine was working, but Dr. Longsie said that it sometimes takes several weeks. Mommy didn’t like the way it was making sister act – like she is a fish – so she stopped giving her the blue pills. Right now sister is still sitting as still as a statue staring at something that only she can see I suppose. I can’t believe they turned her into a fish! I have to figure out a way to turn her back into a cat. Even though she wasn’t a very nice cat, I liked her better before with the bad attitude than the way she is now, because I have no one to play with. Not that sister ever really played with me, but sometimes when I tried to kiss her she would at least respond in a negative way. Now she just stares. I bet if she were standing up and I ran by her really fast, she would fall over. Poor sister.
I just have to tell you about the strangest thing that happened the other night. Mommy and my other owner brought home this small ball of fur that smelled different, didn’t know how to use a litter box, ate my food, smelled me, then tried to nip me with it’s teeth. I didn’t at all enjoy the experience. I am a Jack Russell, how dare they bring this Lhasa Apsa whatever fur ball thing into my home? I was so upset I sat in the special chair Mommy bought for me and pouted at the dumb one all night long. It was sad to see her holding this thing. It clearly didn’t belong. I guess they got my point because the very next morning it disappeared. I saw them pack up it’s belongings and they went out the door with it. When they came back – no fur ball. Then they gave me lots of kisses and love (even the dumb one) can you believe it? Usually she just ignores me and tortures the cat with her kisses (she has bad breath you see so sister has to smell it each time the dumb one gives her a kiss). I was happy to be given attention so I didn’t mind her breath. Well at least not as much.
Our home is almost back to the way it was. Some of my owner’s things were moved back into her room so now there is more room in the living room. We still need new carpet Mommy said, but it is almost “Home Sweet Home”.
Before I go I want to mention our new sleeping arrangements. See my owner not only has bad breath and is a little on the dumb side, but she has bladder issues too – just like sister. So Mommy has to buy her a new mattress and until she can – she has to sleep with us. I have to actually share my side of the bed with her. So far she has been nice. It has even been kind of fun. Mommy makes sure that she doesn’t move my blankets or take up too much space so I guess I can deal with it a little longer, but I do enjoy the nights she decides to sleep on the sofa. On those nights Mommy and I get the bed to ourselves, just like old times, but for now – we don’t mind sharing and are happy to have her.
Until next time.

I haven’t been able to write in a while because Mommy has been busy destroying the house. She says she is remodeling, but all I know is one room has no carpet and all of my sister’s furniture is in the living room. It makes it more difficult to eat the bird seed my brother drops for me.

Apparently the remodeling has something to do with both of my sisters. My feline sister has been using the carpet, blankets, and anything else she can find as her litter box. At first, after the wet the bed we thought it was because she was angry with my owner, but Mommy took her to see Dr. Longsie and they said she has a urinary tract infection – and a bad attitude.

My owner/other sister made several messes on the carpet that were beyond repair, so Mommy said she had to rip up the carpet, have the floor repaired, then replace it. It has taken longer because it is more expensive than Mommy realized and the flooring requires some additional work before anything can be done – so our home is a mess. Each time I go into that room my feet touch the the concrete and get cold, especially in the mornings. My sister doesn’t like it either, but maybe she should have used her litter box and we wouldn’t have this problem.

Oh she also has to take medicine for her urinary tract infection. It is this bottle of white liquid that has to be refrigerated. Mommy puts it in a needle type thing and my other sister/owner holds her. She hates it. As soon as they are finished she always runs away to hide. I tried to comfort her, but she wasn’t feeling friendly – not that she ever is – but it was worse this time.

I know what it is like to to have to take medicine. Mommy gives me something she calls Benadryl for my allergies. She used to give me pills, but I decided I no longer liked the taste of them so now I get a liquid. It tastes like bubble gum and makes the fur around my mouth all sticky. I try to hide from her,but its like when she wants to give me a bath – she always finds me.

Mommy got a new bicycle! She even said she might get one of those seats and put it on the back so that I can ride too. That would be fun. She could be my chauffeur. She said something about wanting to lose weight. I hate the word diet. She is always telling me I am on a diet and that I can’t have things. Like when I go to the pantry and try to paw the door open, sometimes she tells me that I can’t have any treats. Every now and then I do the cute “head tilt” thing she likes and I get my way. Other times my sister will toss me some cereal or I just pick up after her (remember she is the messy one).

We recently got satellite TV so when Mommy leaves the house she always leaves the TV on for me to watch. This week I have been watching CNN. It’s not a show for Jack Russells. I mean how many times can they talk about this thing called economy. It seems like they show bad things. I want to see happy things. I must find the remote and figure out how to change the channel to something different.

Mommy started a new job at her school’s computer lab. She is good with computers so things should go well for her. I miss her when she is not home, but I have more time now to do things like go through the garbage and search for hidden treasure. The other day I found a tootsie roll. Boy was it good!

Well thanks for stopping by to read my blog.

Until next time.


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